Sony got exactly what it wanted for the gift-giving holidays: a bunch of people buying the PlayStation 4.

Sales for Sony’s console have now surpassed 18.5 million worldwide, according to a post on PlayStation’s Japanese website. That number got a huge boost thanks to Christmas and other end-of-the-year holidays. Sony confirmed it sold 4.1 million PS4s during that busy shopping season. This helps continue Sony’s momentum during this generation of consoles, and it also keeps PS4 on pace as one of the fastest-selling gaming systems of all time. At this point in the PlayStation 3’s life, it had sold around 12.85 million consoles worldwide. The console-gaming market is worth $50 billion, and Sony is positioning the PS4 to capture a big piece of that

We’ve asked Sony Computer Entertainment America for a statement, and we’ll update this post with any new information.

Sony Computer Entertainment president and chief executive officer Andrew House said (translated from Japanese by Google) that his team intends to continue making PlayStation 4 even better in 2015.

PS4 wasn’t the only Sony product to end 2014 well. The company confirmed that PlayStation Plus, a premium online subscription service, has more than 10.9 million members as of Jan. 2.

With 18.5 million consoles sold, Sony should maintain its lead over the competition. Microsoft hasn’t shared how it has performed over the holidays, but the company’s Xbox One has struggled to keep up with the hot PS4. This doesn’t mean that the Xbox One isn’t selling well. It is the fastest selling Xbox system ever — Sony is just doing even better.