Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk made an appearance at Sony’s press conference at the 2015 International CES, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas.

He teased that a new Tony Hawk-themed game is on the way for longtime fans of the skateboarding franchise that bears his name.

“New console game this year on the PlayStation 4,” Hawk said.

He said that the game is further along than he expected, but he couldn’t say what the title was yet.

“I’ll give you a hint: It has TH in it,” he added.

He didn’t say whether the game would be exclusive to the PS4. Activision, the usual publisher of Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, has traditionally made them available on all game platforms.

During the same press event, Sony chief executive Kaz Hirai said that the PlayStation 4 has sold more than 18.5 million units to date, including more than 4 million during the holiday season.