LAS VEGAS — Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich announced today that Intel will partner with sunglasses maker Oakley and Luxotica to make smart eyewear.

They will work to create the kind of smartglasses that have been pioneered by military contractors and Google, with its Glass eyewear. These partners will now take the consumer technology to a new level, Krzanich said

Krzanich made the announcement in a keynote speech at the 2015 International CES, the big tech trade show this week in Las Vegas.

“We can compress this technology into a beautifully designed set of glasses,” said Colin Baden, chief executive of Oakley, speaking on stage.

Smartglasses are a major theme at CES, but Intel has some advantages, such as its newly announced Curie chip, a smaller version of its Internet of Things processor, Edison. Such chips could be used in smart sunglasses, combined with other sensors.

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