Of the 150,000 people attending CES 2015, about 5,000 happen to be journalists. ABC7 News caught up with GamesBeat’s Dean Takahashi to get an insider’s take on what it’s like to be one of the many who stroll the aisles looking for the next, next in tech and electronics.

While Takahashi mentions things like smart appliances which we’ve all seen coming — “You can now ask if the load is done, or do I need to switch from the washer to the dryer,” he says — he won’t be excited until he sees something that makes a real difference.

“I just want to be surprised with some technology that’s meaningful as opposed to technology for technology’s sake,” says Takahashi. “Something that really accomplishes something or changes lives.”

We’ll be sure to know if he finds it as he pounds the pavement of the venue’s two million square feet. In the meantime, he’ll be also be trying to keep body and soul together through the four-day marathon. “I probably walk about 30,000 steps each day at CES — by the end of it, I’ll be lucky if I’m not sick.”

See Takahashi’s full interview with ABC7.


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