Rockstar Games usually chooses huge, internationally important cities to mock and borrow from for Grand Theft Auto. New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami have all served as the inspiration for previous entries in the series. But for the inevitable Grand Theft Auto VI, a group of real-estate experts argue that the studio should go to Portland, Ore.

GTA 6 GTA 6The smart people over at Movoto, a real estate website, just published a blog that argues why Portland makes so much sense for the open-world crime action of a Grand Theft Auto. To come to that conclusion, Movoto looked at the size of the city as well as the number of gun stores, strip clubs, and police stations it has.

Here’s how GTA V’s Los Santos stacks up to Movoto’s imagined Portland of GTA VI:

Gun stores

  • Los Santos: 11
  • Portland: 9

Strip clubs

  • Los Santos: 1
  • Portland: 81

Police stations

  • Los Santos: 12
  • Portland: 6

Coffee shops

  • Los Santos: 10
  • Portland: 637

“Portland would be the perfect city for the next Grand Theft Auto,” Movoto’s Clark Teft wrote. “It has the personality, the intrigue, and frankly it might be more fun to visit Portland digitally and not risk running into all those college friends who are trying to make the rest of the world move there.”

Additionally, Portland seems ripe for the kind of satire Rockstar likes to include in its GTA games. Normally, the developer aims its mockery at capitalism and American pop culture, but taking it to Portland’s aggressive attempts at counterculture could represent a refreshing change for the franchise.

We probably won’t find out the setting for GTA VI for quite some time since Rockstar likes to take a few years developing its marquee game. But when we do get it, we’ll see if Movoto is right.