Ford’s car racing simulation demo at the 2015 International CES aims to deliver a realistic driving experience for people who would never get in a real race car. I’m betting it would make me sick, so I just watched other people drive it.

The demo has a racing cockpit with a steering wheel, brakes, and gas pedal. You see the action unfold ahead of you on three big-screen monitors. But the whole simulator is hooked to a giant motion simulation rig, the kind that are built for professional engineering simulations.

The result is that you can drive, and the whole motion simulator turns when you make a sharp turn. It spins around 360 degrees if you spin out. The simulator was built by Battle Creek, Mich.-based Mannetron last year for Ford to show off at car shows, and now the car company has brought it to CES as part of an effort to show that Ford is hip to technology.

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