It was only a matter of time before Google’s Classroom, itsĀ suite of tools that helps teachers more easily manage assignments and connect with their students, landed on mobile.

Today, it’s releasing iOS and Android apps for Classroom to help teachers and students do this on the go. The new apps let students snap photos of assignments, documents, or other items they want to share with teachers, and access the files they need for their school work. It even has offline caching, enabling them to access content when Internet isn’t available.

Classroom, which Google launched on desktop six months ago, helps teachers ditch paper handouts and put all their assignments online. They can scan papers and turn them into digital documents, and track students’ progress. It also helps students stay more easily on top of deadlines, and avoid losing important documents.

Classroom’s desktop version is also getting two highly requested features: a teacher assignments page, and class archiving.

With the new assignments page, teachers can track all of their assignments across all classes, in one place. They’ll no longer have to jump from class to class to view different sets of assignments.

Class archiving lets students and teachers have access to materials from old classes but removes them from the homepage and makes them read-only. They can’t make any changes or submit assignments.

Classroom is currently only available to Google Apps for Education users.