Nintendo knows how you like special designs on your handhelds, and it’s offering one for the latest revision of the 3DS hardware on the first day it goes up for sale.

The New 3DS XL and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask both go on sale on Feb. 13, and Nintendo is selling a version of the New 3DS XL that features artwork from the Nintendo 64-era Zelda game. Nintendo confirmed that you can pick up the New 3DS XL in red, black, or with the Zelda theme — and all will not come with a game for $200. The only bundle the publisher is planning for launch day is the $230 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate version.

Nintendo announced the details of the New 3DS XL’s launch during one of its Direct video events this morning. That’s when the company also revealed that the New 3DS XL will not come with a power adapter. So not only will you have to buy Zelda separately, you’ll need to do the same for the power cord (unless you don’t already have a 3DS power source).

Majora’s Mask is a classic for the Nintendo 64, which launched in 2000 here in North America. It has Link traveling to an alternate dimension that is under threat of destruction due to a moon that is falling out of the sky. Featuring dark themes and time travel, it is widely considered different and distinct from the rest of the Zelda franchise.

As for the New 3DS XL, this is Nintendo’s latest effort to upgrade its handheld system. This new version features better 3D optics, a faster processor, and a right analog nub. In Japan and Europe, Nintendo also released a smaller sized New 3DS, but it does not plan to bring that out in North America.