UPDATE: PSN is down again during the Super Bowl. Find out more here.

Correction: This article originally said that PlayStation Network was down for maintenance on Jan. 14. It actually starts Jan. 15. GamesBeat apologizes for the error and any confusion. 

Sony’s online network had some unexpected downtime on Tuesday, but if you run into problems today, it is all part of the plan.

Parts of the PlayStation Network is offline as Sony works to tighten the screws of its Internet infrastructure. The company will start work at 9 a.m. Pacific (noon Eastern), and it will last until 1 p.m. Pacific (4 p.m. Eastern). During this outage, the PlayStation Store and account management will not work. Online multiplayer as well as video services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Instant Video will also experience interruptions unless you signed into PSN within the last week. Additionally, you will not have access to your account through the PlayStation Network website.

If you play games on a PlayStation console during this outage, your system will keep track of any trophies you earn. once PSN is back up, those trophies will sync with the cloud.

Sony regularly performs maintenance like this. This enables the company to keep its service up and running every other day — although it has run into some trouble with that recently.

Yesterday, PSN went down for a few hours in the evening. Over the holidays, the service went down for several days as the result of a distribute denial-of-service attack, which overwhelms a target server with junk data.