The latest stats from AppFlood shouldn’t surprise anyone following Android’s growth around the world.

Most new Android users are hailing from Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, according to the fourth quarter data dump from AppFlood, the global programmatic mobile ad platform that PapayaMobile owns.

About 70 percent of a new Android users acquired come from Asia and Latin America. The report also said mobile traffic grew 30 percent in the fourth quarter from the previous quarter, and more than 1,095 percent from the fourth quarter of 2013.

The winter holidays drove up ad rates, with effective cost per mil (eCPM) rates rising from 36 cents in the third quarter to 47 cents in the fourth quarter. But while ad spending rose, the percentage of ad viewers who installed an app after viewing an ad dropped in the quarter.

“Our findings show that mobile advertising continues to see exponential growth in the emerging regions,” said Si Shen, the cofounder & CEO of PapayaMobile, in a statement. “While regions like North America and Western Europe saw a slow in install rates last quarter, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe saw increases. Eastern Europe saw the biggest jump in install rate and was second in terms of traffic. With rising install rates and the majority of users acquired coming from Asia and Latin America, advertisers are beginning to see the massive opportunity that lies in the emerging regions.”

Mobile ad spending rises

Above: Mobile ad spending rises.

Image Credit: AppFlood

Of course, AppFlood’s numbers are skewed because it doesn’t have much presence outside of the emerging regions. But AppFlood still has a lot of clients, including Chinese advertisers who currently have the largest mobile ad budgets in the world.

Global mobile ad spend grew 1,379 percent year-over-year, the report said. Asia was 46 percent of global mobile traffic while Eastern Europe was 18 percent. The most promoted apps in the quarter were communications apps such as WhatsApp. They accounted for 45 percent of promoted apps, and they were up 50 percent from the previous quarter. Previously, personalization apps were the most promoted.

PapayaMobile launched AppFlood in 2012 as a programmatic mobile ad platform, meaning it runs ads in an automated fashion. AppFlood is now connected to 82,000 apps, and it delivers nearly half a million daily installs and 800 million daily impressions. Beijing-based PapayaMobile has more than 150 employees.

In games, simulations accounted for 37 percent of the total share of downloads. That was followed by 22 percent for arcade, 14 percent for casual, 12 percent for trivia, 8 percent for adventure, 4 percent for casino and card games, and 3 percent for puzzle.

Asia leads in percentage of global mobile traffic.

Above: Asia leads in percentage of global mobile traffic.

Image Credit: AppFlood