Imagine only using your work calendar and approving or declining various items inside a web application to get your travel expenses done.

That’s exactly what Trippeo, a company officially launching its service today, wants to provide small and medium businesses.

Think of Trippeo as a “Concur for small and medium businesses,” as cofounder and chief executive Adarsh Pallian told VentureBeat. Trippeo combines nifty automation features and easy tools for manually reporting expenses.

“In a nutshell, we are the only end-to-end travel expense management solution,” said Pallian. “We tried to do the whole thing from pre-trip to post-trip.”

To do so, Trippeo uses your calendar to source flight and hotel suggestions so you can skip researching them manually (it uses ClearTrip’s API for this). During a trip, it automatically collects expenses from a credit card on file under the assumption you’ll be expensing them — you can, of course, edit them before submitting. It also uses Zendrive to automatically track your miles for gas expensing. Trippeo’s mobile app lets you snap, annotate, and save pictures of receipts.

Post-trip, it’s all about easy review, submission, and approval. Since it’s been tracking your expenses all along, that part is easy. After approving reports, managers will be able to reimburse employees electronically and avoid the hassle of paper checks. Trippeo, which is based in Vancouver, is waiting on its Canadian providers’ approval before rolling out this feature, however.

But despite its end-to-end approach, Trippeo is still up against a bevy of competitors. Expensify offers products for companies of all sizes, and Tallie and Abacus have built pretty nice mobile-focused solutions.

Adarsh Pallian and Patrick Tsang cofounded Trippeo in Feb. 2014. Trippeo raised an undisclosed amount of funding last year from Gary Vaynerchuk’s fund VaynerRSE and others, and is currently raising more.