This article originally claimed Shinra is a Japanese company. It is actually based in New York. I apologize for the error.

Cloud gaming means you don’t need a console to play video games, and now another new company is stepping in to make that happen.

Shinra, a technology company based out of New York, is kicking off a beta-testing phase for its new game-streaming platform. The company’s cloud gaming will enable players to access a number of publisher Square Enix’s releases from throughout the years. Those include Final Fantasy VII, 2013’s Tomb Raider, and Hitman: Absolution. The test starts Feb. 17 and runs for three months.

To get the beta off the ground, Shinra partnered with¬†Internet company NTT East and Techorus Coporation. NTT East is ensuring that Shinra’s supercomputer has direct access to Japan’s high-speed fiber-optic network. Techorus is providing the rendering technology that keeps each instance of a cloud game running smoothly.

In addition to the traditional Square Enix games, Shinra will also release a massively multiplayer online twin-stick space shooter. The company is hoping this will demonstrate the service’s versatility and how it might make sense for Internet gaming cafes, which remain¬†popular in Asia.

While this test is only coming to Japan, Shinra president Yoichi Wada, the former president of Square Enix, says the company is planning a similar beta for the United States this summer.

In a statement, Wada went on to talk about how Shinra wants to change “everything about content, infrastructure, and business models” in the gaming industry.