Discovery Channel’s popular Mythbusters show is in the midst of one of its nerdiest seasons yet. This year, hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have already gone head-to-head with myths from Raiders of the Lost ArkThe A-Team, and The Simpsons. Now, the crew is taking on video games for the first time ever.

On 9 p.m Eastern Saturday, Mythbusters airs a video game special. This includes a look at id Software’s classic first-person shooter Doom. The show tests whether it is possible for someone to carry all of the health packs, guns, and other weapons that the hero of Doom has on him throughout the game.

To put Doom to the test, Savage and Hyneman built a real-world version of one of the games levels. To ensure accuracy during their Doom test, the Mythbusters team brought in id Software creative director Tim Willits. He will make sure that the real-world versions of the med packs, the chainsaw, and the BFG 9000 are all re-created to specifications.

Check it out:

Mythbusters typically does two myths per episode, so we’ll likely get another game-related segment when the show goes live. I’m hoping that they test whether mushrooms can make you big.