For the first time, the White House has open-sourced the president’s budget.

Among many other announcements related to the White House’s fiscal year 2016 budget, the administration said that for the first time, it was making the data behind the budget available on GitHub, a data-sharing site.

“This year we are releasing all of the data included in the President’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget in a machine-readable format here on GitHub,” the White House wrote. “The Budget process should be a reflection of our values as a country, and we think it’s important that members of the public have as many tools at their disposal as possible to see what is in the President’s proposals.”

The White House said it invites anyone to “create their own visualizations or products from the data.”

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According to the administration, the budget data repository contains three files that comprise “an extract” of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) budget database. “These files can be used to reproduce many of the totals published in the budget,” the White House wrote, “and examine unpublished details below the levels of aggregation published in the budget.”

The White House also published the full budget document on Medium.