Andy OS, a company that streams the Android operating system to your desktop, today announced a $3 million seed round led by 500 Startups’ 500 Mobile Collective.

With the new cash, Andy OS founder Sean Murphy has some initial goals. First, “the primary focus is recruiting and hiring more tech talent,” Murphy tells us. Second, Murphy aims to partner with Android app developers to help them market to Andy OS users. According to Murphy, Andy OS users generally fall into two categories: 70 percent are gamers, and the rest use it for Android messaging apps.

According to Newzoo, mobile gaming is now a $25B industry. For mobile game makers, Andy OS could help them get in front of people on Mac and PC who don’t yet play mobile games.

In the long term, Murphy’s goal is to become a leader in virtualized mobile operating systems — kind of like a mobile counterpart to enterprise giant VMWare.

Aside from being an acquisition target for VMWare, Murphy believes we’re seeing a larger trend here. As companies like Adobe and Google invest in streaming apps, Murphy thinks OSes are next up for streaming, and Andy OS already has the scaffolding in place to ride that wave.