It’s time for me to show off.

Earlier today, the XboxDVR website introduced a new feature that enables you to quickly create an animated GIF of your best moments  from the videos you’ve saved using the Xbox One’s Game DVR functionality. You can go to, sort through your videos (or anyone else’s), and hit the “Create GIF” button to get access to an editor on the image-sharing site Imgur, where you can trim out an animated image in seconds. It’s easy, and the results are pretty great.

Naturally, I’m going to take this opportunity to share some of my finest gaming moments with you.

Here I am confusing the pants off of an opponent in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare:

Watch as I wallrun across a map in Titanfall to kick the crap out of other team’s MVP:

This is a good clip of me turning my Trials Fusion character into a human lawn dart:

Oh, this is a pretty sick high score in Geometry Wars 3’s Pacifism mode:

Here’s me shooting a fellow in the back before making a leap over a chasm from one window to another to shoot another fellow in the back. Feels good: