Gamers want their bling. And to them, that means getting authentic merchandise related to their favorite brands, like a statue featuring a cool mech robot from Titanfall.

Rvckvs (pronounced Ruckus) plans to deliver that bling. The San Francisco startup is providing custom merchandise like cool figurines for the deluxe editions of console, PC, and mobile games. As such, it is blending the game and toy businesses and catering to the most enthusiastic fans in all of gaming, said Jon Middleton, the co-founder of Rvckvs, in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat.

“We want to help game companies energize their fan communities with cool merchandise,” Middleton said. “We can do this in the traditional console business and digital games, too.”

Jon Middleton, cofounder of Rvckvs

Above: Jon Middleton, the co-founder of Rvckvs

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

“How do you show people you are a huge fan of a game? Through the physical merchandise, from collectible toys all the way up to high-end electronics,” Middleton said. “Game companies can use merchandise to fertilize the core market.”

Rvckvs created its business by forming relationships with game publishers, developers, intellectual property owners, retailers, toy makers, and game platforms.

The company is self-funded, and it is making money, said Middleton, who comes from game companies such as Mad Catz. He has been joined by fellow co-founders Mike Horn, Robert Gamboa, and Georg Brewer. The company already has a bunch of customers.

Middleton said, “Our mission is to give gamers the ability to show their fandom and passion for games off-screen. We specialize in creating products with a real ‘wow factor,’ such as the Collector’s Editions for Borderlands 2, Saints Row IV, and Titanfall.”

Vince Zampella, the CEO of Titanfall creator Respawn Entertainment, said in a statement, “It’s exciting to work in close collaboration with the Rvckvs team. We had some ambitious plans for our Collector’s Edition, and Rvckvs worked to help define and deliver upon the vision flawlessly.”

Rvckvs collector's edition for Borderlands 2

Above: Rvckvs Collector’s Edition for Borderlands 2

Image Credit: Rvckvs

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