Hot off its debut on public markets, Box today introduced a new feature called Enterprise Key Management (EKM) that should get excite a fair amount of security-conscious companies.

The service will store customers’ encryption keys and audit logs on dedicated hardware security modules from vendor Gemalto in Amazon Web Services data centers, through Amazon’s CloudHSM service.

And best of all, end users will never know that a complex security architecture is in place.

“This advanced encryption feature set is all available while preserving the hallmark functionality of Box’s core service,” Box said in a statement on the news today.

The feature could help further distinguish Box from its rivals, including Dropbox and Google Drive, among others.

Early users of the service include Toyota Motor Sales USA and the World Bank.

Box EKM is now available in beta and will become available to everyone in the spring.

Box isn’t specifying exactly how much the new service will cost. But it did say the size of the Box deployment will be a factor.