Google-owned Nest is branching out beyond monthly energy usage reports. Now it will send monthly emails tracking energy, home temperature, and carbon monoxide presence to Nest Protect smoke alarm owners.

“The Home Report still tells you everything you need to know about your Nest Thermostat in an energy summary — how many hours of heating and cooling you used, how many Leafs you earned, why your energy use changed, interesting facts, and tips to save more,” Nest founder and engineering head Matt Rogers wrote in a blog post today. “You’ll still get a single report that summarizes energy use for all your Nest Thermostats — or multiple reports if you have them installed in multiple homes.

“But if you have a Nest Protect — or a few Nest Protects — you get something completely new: a Home Report with a safety summary.”

The new reports suggest that Nest is getting smarter about the way it packages up data to engage with owners of its devices. And it shows Nest is thinking beyond the currently limited range of its product line — because a home involves way more than a smoke detector and a thermostat.

And more reports based on data from Nest devices could be on the way.

“There will be more data, more products, more tips,” Rogers wrote.