Fancy playing Evolve against a robot?

Sony Pictures and Twitch have teamed up to combine the worlds of movies and games in a contest promoting the upcoming sci-fi movie Chappie. Teams of four can sign up at Twitch between now and 10 a.m. Pacific on Feb. 21 to compete in the 4-on-1 multiplayer shooter with a chance to win $15,000 and play against Chappie in a live event on March 1.

Evolve releases today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. GamesBeat’s review-in-progress for Evolve is already up, and our full review will arrive after it’s been possible to test the game on live servers.

Chappie is the robotic star of South African director Neill Blomkamp’s highly anticipated movie releasing March 6. Blomkamp previously directed the acclaimed District 9. The fact that Sony Pictures is using a major game release for promotion shows the growing power of the competitive gaming community.

The qualifying rounds of the Evolve tournament take place online from Feb. 21-22, with the two top teams earning a trip to Los Angeles, where they’ll compete in a live final.

The runners-up will get $5,000 while the winning team will earn $15,000 and the chance to face off against Chappie in a livestreamed match. How that’s actually going to work is a little unclear, though. It’s not like Chappie’s actually real … right?