Nvidia is announcing today it will soon have 40 titles available on its Nvidia Grid cloud gaming service, which can stream games on demand to the Nvidia Shield tablet.

The Grid service allows players to immediately start playing a high-end game that would ordinarily require a big download or the purchase of a disk. Nvidia wants to disrupt game delivery with the service the same way that Netflix has done with movies and Spotify has done with music.

Nvidia launched the Grid on-demand gaming service on Nov. 18 with 20 games. The launch titles included Borderlands 2 and Dead Island as well as classics like Brütal Legend. The newest titles include Saints Row IV, Alan Wake, and Metro: Last Light Redux.

Saints Row IV will debut on the Nvidia Shield via Grid on Feb. 17. Alan Wake will debut on Feb. 28, and Metro: Last Light Redux will debut on March 3.