After a great first year on Xbox 360, World of Tanks is extending its reach on console.

Publisher Wargaming today announced that its massively successful free-to-play tank battler is bringing the fight to Xbox One. What’s more, where other big games like shooters Titanfall and Destiny have avoided cross-platform multiplayer, World of Tanks players on Xbox 360 and Xbox One can go head-to-head on the same battlefields.

Wargaming hasn’t announced a release date for World of Tanks on Xbox One yet, but IGN says it’s expected later this year.

World of Tanks has over 100 million users worldwide, and most of these are playing on PC. Wargaming extended the experience to console last year, and it already has over 5 million downloads on Xbox 360, with console players in over 148 countries. It’s part of a larger trend of free-to-play titles arriving on console, which is quickly gaining pace.

“When World of Tanks first came to the Xbox 360, the concept of free-to-play gaming on a console was nearly unheard of,” Wargaming said on its blog. “But after a year of milestones, updates, community growth, and relentless armored combat, World of Tanks has blasted its way into the spotlight and the living rooms of aspiring Xbox tank commanders worldwide.”

Progress in World of Tanks is saved to your Xbox Live account, so everything will transfer over from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One version. That includes vehicles, experience, credits, gold, and items. You can even jump between the two versions and keep progressing.