Now you can capture that perfect moment when you crouch down with your Spartan on someone else’s helmet in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

You can finally take a screenshot using your Xbox One. The next update for Microsoft’s home console will include the feature. That patch is due out in March, but it’s actually rolling out right now for anyone in the Xbox One Preview Program.

Check it out in action:

To take a screenshot you have two options. You can either double tap the Xbox button and hit Y to save a screenshot. The moment you double tap the Xbox button, the system takes the shot. This ensures you get the screen you want. You could alternatively use a voice command to take a snap at anytime.

Microsoft also updated the Upload app to enable you to share your screenshots on social media and with your Xbox One friends. You can also make any picture you take your background.

Additional updates in the March patch include new social features. Xbox Live will now give you the option to share your real name with everyone. This will help people you know find you easier. The system is also getting “suggested friends,” which is a feature that is already in the Xbox app for the preview release of Windows 10.