“We were having so much fun with it,” Pearson said. Players were putting all kinds of things on their Sims’ heads. “We didn’t put it out as an official cheat. Someone in our mod community found it. In one of our recent patches, we changed it so that players can easily add it.

“We knew it was a cheat, we knew they would do really silly things with it. It’s clearly a cheat, but they’re having a good time with it and telling funny stories.”

2. The Sims, supersize

The Sims 4 bug

Above: These Sims really, really like Christmas. And extremely large things.

Image Credit: Electronic Arts

The hotkey to create larger versions of an object was an internal development tool that wasn’t really supposed to be part of the gameplay.

“When we were looking for things to build out our worlds, it was a practical tool to get variety,” Pearons said. “It was a debug cheat to be crafting spaces. It never got taken out, because we were like well, it doesn’t really hurt anything. We left it as, eh, maybe someone will find it.”

It wasn’t long before players were cheerfully making house-sized objects. In some cases, they used it to solve practical problems, Pearson said. Eventually, the team made it something gamers could save and share.

“I can’t afford the big TV, so I’ll make the tiny TV and make it giant! We enjoyed it, but we never really thought it would have caught on.”

1. Designer jokes that became real

The Sims 4 power out

Above: Sorry, Sims, no power for you: Unpaid bills leave you in darkness.

Image Credit: Electronic Arts

In The Sims 2, developers first started joking about turning off the power or other utilities when players failed to pay their bills. They even experimented with programming it in, but it rapidly became too complicated, so they scrapped it in favor of the game’s traditional repo man.

But when The Sims 4 was in development, all that code had to be rewritten — and devs brought back the idea of Sims suddenly plunged into darkness.

“It was another sort of joke in the hallway,” Pearson said. “We tried it out and it was like, that works just fine.”

Another developer joke that became a popular feature in The Sims 3: chest hair.


Two major bugs that never made it to retail

Some bugs had to be fixed because they broke the game — but that didn’t stop developers from laughing their asses off.

“We see so many bugs in the development of these games,” Pearson said. “Some don’t make it to see the light of day, but they’re entertaining for us.”

Death trap gyms

The combination of gyms plus Sims who could grow old and die turned out to be horrible, and deadly, and hilarious.

“Elders have a chance to die from exertion if they’re too overworked,” Pearson said. “We had a gym, and at the gym, we advertise that the Sims should want to work out. These elders would show up on the game and they’d run on the treadmill, and they’d be like, ‘Oh I’m so tired,’ but the gym is like, ‘You should run more,’ and it created a deathtrap. They would all start dying.”

Pet dates

The best bugs happen when two different systems are created at once, and no one really knows how they’ll interact, Pearson said. Take the original Sims, which added pets, then dating in later expansion packs.

“It’s those intersections create a bunch of entertaining things,” she said. “We try to keep as many of the things in as possible that are funny.”

Hot Date added the ability to have blind dates. The only problem: the pets somehow became part of that system.

“For a brief amount of time, your blind date was occasionally a cat or a dog,” she said, laughing. “It was even worse because they thought they were a person. They’d float around next to you and sit at the table.”

To make matters worse, the interaction worked the other way around — one of the normal models thought it was an animal.

“One of the humans thought they were a cat,” she said. “They started running around with cat animations. Oh, it was horrible – they looked like a little monster.”