Finally, you no longer have to manually keep track of how many cake slices you’ve eaten.

Earlier today, developer Mojang released the latest patch for its open-world block-building game Minecraft. This update, version 1.8.2, introduces a number of slight changes and improvements to the massively popular adventure. You can get it now by loading your Minecraft account. As usual, the fixes and updates present here will eventually filter down to the console and mobile releases of Minecraft.

Here are some of the changes so you know what to look for in your world:

  • The enemies no longer follow and attack you when you are in spectator mode.
  • TNT explosion force is no longer directional.
  • Beacons now ignore bedrock when shining through to the sky.
  • Ocelots now spawn at and above sea level instead of at 63 blocks above the water.
  • Squids now spawn at and below sea level instead of at 63 block beneath the water.
  • Crafting a carrot on a stick removes enchantments from your original fishing rod.

In addition to those changes, Mojang now tracks a ton of new statistics. Now, the game will keep a count of all the following for you:

  • Cake Slices Eaten
  • Cauldrons Filled
  • Water Taken from Cauldron
  • Armor Pieces Cleaned
  • Banners Cleaned
  • Interactions with Brewing Stand
  • Interactions with Beacon
  • Droppers Searched
  • Hoppers Searched
  • Dispensers Searched
  • Noteblocks played
  • Noteblocks tuned
  • Plants potted
  • Trapped Chests Triggered
  • Ender Chests Opened
  • Items Enchanted
  • Records Played
  • Interactions with Furnace
  • Interactions with Crafting Table
  • Chests Opened

Of course, Mojang also made a ton of fixes to Minecraft, and you can see a full list of those in the game’s changelog here.