Well, this is incredibly nostalgic.

The classic educational game Math Blaster is back, and this time it’s on Facebook. The new version features online multiplayer and new minigames. You also don’t have to be in third grade computer class to play it.

The new Math Blaster has in-game purchases. It also has subscription plans that unlock additional content, ranging from $9 a month to a $130 one time payment for unlimited access. This new version comes out in a time when a lot of social games are leaving Facebook for mobile platforms. However, the social network can still make sense for certain games, especially apps that hope to reach all those parents with Facebook accounts.

“So many people — particularly those in their late teens and early 20s — have fond memories of Math Blaster from their computer lab days back in elementary school,” said David Lord, the chief executive officer of developer JumpStart. “We’re extremely excited to be reintroducing the game on a platform that’s so convenient for those who loved playing it as a kid.”

The original Math Blaster came out in 1983 for early Apple and Microsoft personal computers. It combined action-based gameplay with basic math skills like addition and division. It was like Galaga meets multiplication tables, and it was rad. It spawned a series of sequels and spinoffs, including Reading Master and Math Blaster Jr.

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