Trials Fusion is a game where you ride a motorcycle to clear obstacle-filled levels. So naturally, someone used it to re-create a popular mode from the Call of Duty shooter franchise.

It doesn’t make any sense, but someone who goes by the Xbox Live Gamertag PneumaticBog484 used the track editor in Trials Fusion to build a level where you run around and shoot invading zombies. You wouldn’t think this is possible considering how different Trials and Call of Duty are. The majority of Trials takes place from a side-scrolling perspective while Call of Duty is first-person. Trials is about biking over terrain. Call of Duty is about shooting everything. But thanks to developer Red Lynx’s incredibly powerful player-creator tools, PneumaticBog484 was able to mashup these very different experiences.

Check it out in action below:

If you are looking to try this level out for yourself, you just need to go into the Trace Central area of Trials Fusion. Hit the X button to search through the more than 21,000 user-created tracks, and enter the term “CODZ.” The level is called “CODZ: Polar Darkness.”

Keep in mind that you will need some of the downloadable content to play this level. Thankfully, the entire season pass of Trials Fusion DLC is on sale now for a little over $6 on Xbox One. So act now.