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Trello is a web service you can use to keep track of everything you need to do, are doing, and have done. I use it, and so do at least 6,999,999 other people.

It’s one of those services that quickly spread inside of companies, not unlike Dropbox. Trello’s founders see a serious business opportunity, which is why they decided to spin it out of Fog Creek Software last year and supercharge its growth with venture funding.

This week on What to Think, VentureBeat’s Dylan Tweney and I got to speak with Joel Spolsky, a cofounder of Trello (and also the chief executive of Stack Exchange, the company behind Stack Overflow).

Spolsky told us how Trello got started in the first place (hint: managers might want to know what their employees are working on), how he uses Trello at home and at work, the one additional Trello feature he wants to see, and what he thinks about the current state of Microsoft, where he was a program manager on the Excel spreadsheet software.

Plus, on this week’s podcast we tell you what to think about:

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