After conquering PC and Xbox 360 with its free-to-play blitzkrieg, developer Wargaming is headed to Microsoft’s most recent home console.

The studio said today that it’s releasing World of Tanks on Xbox One. Wargaming plans to launch it at some point this year. Anyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership can download the online multiplayer shooter at no additional charge. World of Tanks is already one of the most popular free-to-play PC games around the globe, and it has helped generate a significant amount of revenue for Wargaming. The tank battler has also established itself as one of the top e-sports games on the market, and it regularly draws audiences on the Twitch platform in the hundreds of thousands.

Free-to-play gaming has taken over the mobile and PC gaming markets. Both those platforms have several games that earn more than $1 billion every year from in-app purchases. Wargaming is hoping to lead the charge to reproduce that success on console, which has a playerbase that has not yet fully embraced free-to-play.

“A year ago, World of Tanks arrived on Xbox 360 and has flourished, adding millions of players to the global ranks of Wargaming tankers,” Wargaming executive producer T.J. Wagner said. “Wargaming’s invasion into the console space is fully underway.”

Not only does this mean that Xbox One gamers can get in on the team-based armored-vehicle combat, but those players can also go against or team up with Xbox 360 owners. Wargaming plans to include cross-platform support — but only with the other Xbox and not PC. This means both games will run on the same server, and the studio plans to update them with new content simultaneously.

Naturally, if you already have a World of Tanks account on Xbox 360, you can pick up from where you left off on the Xbox One.