Today Twitter announced the launch of its first official plugin for WordPress.

The plugin, available on and GitHub, bundles together a couple of features largely provided by third-party plugins, including the ability to embed tweets, the ability to embed videos uploaded to Twitter, as well as tweet and follow buttons.

It’s interesting to see the above features only arrive on WordPress now, seeing as the content management system (CMS) already natively renders Twitter links as embedded Tweets. It’s noteworthy, however, that an official plugin may yield better results for certain publishers — Twitter can update this plugin as it wishes whenever its platform changes.

Here’s a full list of features from Twitter, in case you’re curious:

  • Embedded Tweet – customize backgrounds and color schemes to match your site’s theme
  • Embedded Twitter video – showcase video uploaded to Twitter
  • Tweet button – simple sharing of your site’s content on Twitter
  • Twitter Cards – highlight your site’s content when shared on Twitter
  • Twitter Analytics – track impressions and top distributors of your site’s content on Twitter
  • Follow button – grow your Twitter audience
  • Twitter ads conversion tracking – easily track actions on your WordPress site triggered by a Twitter ad or build a custom targeting audience