One Hour Translation is launching a localization platform dubbed Lingui by OHT-Mobile that the company says allows app developers to localize their mobile apps in an hour.

“Having spent a lot of time and effort developing their application, one of the biggest challenges facing developers is how to make their applications accessible and engaging for users around the world,” said Ofer Shoshan, CEO of One Hour Translation, in a statement. “Lingui by OHT-Mobile allows developers to cut out the time-consuming and expensive process of localizing applications for multiple audiences.”

New York-based OHT-Mobile bills itself as the “One Hour Translation company,” with Lingui its “instant app localization” solution. OHT-Mobile said it can localize without the need for extra manpower, complicated processes, or even sending updates to the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play. That can save a lot of money for developers who want a global reach. And it could also increase engagement for an app, by enabling more players around the world to socialize with each other inside an app and inspire each other to keep using the app.

Some companies have invested heavily in translation, such as Machine Zone. The real-time translation helped the company gain a global audience, making its Game of War – Fire Age strategy game one of the highest-revenue mobile apps for iOS and Android. But in-house translation efforts are beyond the reach of some companies. That’s where someone like One Hour Translation comes in.

One Hour Translation said that Lingui simplifies the development process by inserting a few lines of code into the application that detects text in the user interface. Then it allows you to translate in a number of ways: automatic translation, professional human translation, or crowdsourced translation. Once the translation process is complete, the update goes live instantly and everywhere, allowing all app users to choose from all active languages.

“Until now any newly translated apps would have to be uploaded to the relevant app stores, delaying the time to get the app to market. What’s more, users often had to update the app in order to get support for new languages or updated translation,” said Shoshan. “With Lingui, your app translations and supported languages are managed on OHT-Mobile’s cloud. Updated translations or additional languages are simple and easy to add. There is no need to republish the app in the market or to update the app on the user’s device.”

The company will show the tech at the Mobile World Congress event next week in Barcelona, Spain.