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When Apple reported selling an average of 34,000 iPhones every hour last quarter, was anyone surprised? If there were any doubters about a mobile-first reality before, perhaps that convinced them that it’s really here — and has now firmly crossed over to marketing with the birth of mobile marketing automation (MMA).

Using real-time data based on user behavior, MMA enables marketers to engage customers on a one-to-one level with relevant marketing messages, rewards, and offers. It also provides the predictive intelligence necessary for future engagement decisions.

Despite the field being so new, a good number of early entrants are already servicing those brands and game publishers who are reinventing themselves in a mobile ecosystem.

Many of these providers are just one or two-year old startups. Urban Airship, arguably the granddaddy, is barely six years old and is already integrated into almost 30,000 apps on both Android and iOS. Well-known Adobe just recently joined the space occupied by others such as Nudge, Swerve, Kahuna, Localytics, Appboy, and Tapjoy.

But who’s the best? Who’s right for your company? And how exactly do you find out?

With VB Insight’s MMA report, we set out to learn the strengths of each of these companies. To that end, we surveyed 375 mobile developers with over 900 million monthly average users. We then analyzed 1.8 million apps in the Google Play and Apple App Store, along with live interviews.

Our goal was to find the best mobile marketing automation platforms in order for our subscribers to make intelligent and informed decisions.

The 20,000-word, 100+ page report goes into exacting detail, including 35 graphs and charts — but next week, you have a chance to get the critical highlights in just one hour.

John Koetsier, VB’s lead analyst and VP of Research, will take attendees through the most essential elements of the report. He’ll also be joined by a panel of others including Jen Kavanagh, EVP, US General Manager from Beamly, the social and content network that integrates live TV with social networking and e-commerce.

It’s a must-attend webinar for anyone with the responsibility of maximizing engagement and conversion on the device that consumers spend most time with.

What you’ll learn in the webinar:

  • What exactly is Mobile Marketing Automation
  • An overview of the space and players
  • The key product features of MMA systems
  • Which apps and publishers are using MMA, and what it is doing for them
  • Overviews of the of 19 key MMA vendors, their features and focus, strengths and weaknesses
  • VB Insight’s best bets for Enterprise, Mobile games, Mobile Games, Mobile First/Only, and SME

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