Elite: Dangerous may show that space sims are no longer dead on consoles.

Frontier Developments today announced that its multiplayer space game should debut on the Xbox One this year, with no mention of it hitting the PlayStation 4 in 2015. This move is another way in which the two systems are trying to stand out in the console race — and Microsoft’s box needs the help, with Sony divulging yesterday that it has sold more than 20.2 million PS4s to consumers since its November 2013 launch.

The developer said the Xbox One version includes all of the material added to Elite with its February and March updates. In our January review, we said that its “space travel boring … but it’s addictive as hell.”

This isn’t the only news on Elite today. Earlier this morning, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts honored co-creator David Braben with a fellowship award for his work on the original Elite in the 1980s and the beloved Rollercoaster Tycoon.