We’re reading a lot about virtual reality these days. But those with a Samsung Gear VR can actually experience the technology now.

Today, mobile developer DeNA has released a first-person shooter, Protocol Zero, for the Samsung Gear VR. A demo for the game came out in January. The Gear VR turns the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone into a virtual reality helmet.

“With the power of Oculus and Samsung, virtual reality is on the verge of becoming an everyday household technology,” said Barry Dorf, the vice president of partnerships and alliances at DeNA, in a press release sent to GamesBeat.  “We are thrilled to be among the first developers to bring an interactive entertainment experience like Protocol Zero to this exciting new platform.”

While other VR devices like Sony’s Project Morpheus and Valve’s Vive are months away, the Samsung Gear VR is available to consumers now.

This isn’t the first shooter for the Gear VR, since Shooting Showdown 2 VR launched with the device. Still, every release in the genre is notable. Shooters are insanely popular on PC and console, and the first-person view makes them a perfect fit for VR.