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At least one place at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC) gave controllers the spotlight over the games themselves.

Returning for a second year, Alt.Ctrl.GDC is an interactive exhibit of one-of-a-kind game controllers that came out of creators’ basements and a related game jam. The exhibit is a place at the back of one of the expo halls of GDC where experimentation is the goal and where weird and unwieldy creations get the most attention. It makes for a nice change of pace at an event where a lot of the talk is serious and technical.

The 2015 lineup is even better (and stranger) than last year’s, with 18 contraptions being shown, picked from about 100 entrants. Given the hand-made nature of these peripherals, attending GDC is likely the only way to experience them. Here is a selection of the most interesting creations of this year’s lineup.

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