Leading behavioral recognition technology company debuts automated AISight for SCADA Portal


Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs), creator of AISight®, the artificial-intelligence-based solution that teaches itself to recognize and alert on abnormal behavior within massive volumes of data, today announced the launch of the BRS Labs’ AISight for SCADA Portal.

Last year, following proven success in the video analytics industry, BRS Labs applied AISight’s adaptable core technology to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), with real-time and historical analysis solutions that offer customers an added layer of protection in their SCADA operations.

Today, BRS Labs is excited to unveil the next step in streamlining the SCADA data analysis process with the debut of the AISight for SCADA Portal. This user-friendly platform offers unprecedented access to companies looking to gain deeper insight into historical SCADA data in an automated and timely fashion. Users can upload data and view analysis reports directly from the BRS Labs Portal.

“We created the SCADA Portal to allow customers to try out our technology with their own real-world data and see what anomalies AISight can find in their data,” said Wesley Cobb, Chief Science Officer for BRS Labs. “The Portal receives data sets, makes sure they’re valid, analyzes the data, and returns reports summarizing its findings. We’re so confident of the robustness of the technology that we’ve built the Portal to do these things autonomously and without the need to know anything about the nature of the data customers have given it.”

The AISight for SCADA Portal is available by subscription, however, companies are offered a one-time complimentary upload. BRS Labs invites companies to submit anonymous, historical data that includes a known event. AISight’s powerful data analytics will not only deliver deeper insight into the data surrounding the event, but can also indicate key event precursors that could have given operators a proactive “tap on the shoulder”. For companies interested in real-time SCADA analysis, BRS Labs offers AISight for SCADA, a real-time, on-premise solution.

For more information about the BRS Labs or the AISight for SCADA Portal, email info@brslabs.com or visit www.brslabs.com.

About BRS Labs

BRS Labs builds behavioral recognition software, using artificial-intelligence-based technology, for enhanced safety, security, and operational efficiency. These highly automated solutions dramatically improve operational awareness and incident response across complex physical environments. The AISight platform is a centralized system with solutions for SCADA, Video Analytics, InfoSec, and other core business functions. BRS Labs is headquartered in Houston, with offices in Washington DC, London, Sao Paulo, and Barcelona.

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