Need a creepy set of shoes with a paisley zombie girl and skulls? How about a bike glove that has its own LED blinkers?

The answer is no. But that’s only because you had no idea these things exist.

Amazon today announced a new store that aims to fix that problem, such as it is, by creating a corner of its website that features unique products made by both new and established designers and developers. Dubbed “Amazon Exclusives,” the new section will feature products that are only offered on Amazon or on the creators’ own websites and physical stores.

So, don’t even think about trying to find the “Tower Spaghetti Tank w/ Built in Bra” currently featured in Amazon Exclusives in Target or Wal-Mart.

“Our mission on behalf of customers is to make Amazon the destination for brands and innovators to launch and sell their products, providing our customers early access to new products,” said Peter Faricy, vice president of Amazon Marketplace, in the press release. “We understand that helping brands gain exposure for their award-winning new products is beneficial to customers that desire to be the first to have the hot new item.”

The idea is to give new brands and small businesses some love, while letting users stumble through a collection of stuff that includes these Hot Chocolate Design’s Chocolaticas Mini Chocolaticas Lucy In The Sky:

These are a real thing you can buy.

Above: These are a real thing you can buy.

Amazon Exclusives is even partnering with TV program Shark Tank to sell products featured on the show. Since Amazon is handling the processing and shipping of this stuff, products are eligible for free two-day shipping for Amazon Prime members.