Saving your game and shutting off your system is so last generation.

Sony revealed new features today for an upcoming update that will give its PlayStation 4 several new features requested by its player base, and that will make good on at least one feature that was announced at the system’s launch two years ago. The 2.50 “Yukimura” update is yet another in a string of firmware patches that the company is using to keep fans happy and keep a leg up on Microsoft and its competing Xbox One.

The biggest of these additions is the ability to suspend and resume gameplay freely, which will lessen the time it takes to get back into games after putting them down. This feature was touted at the PS4’s launch, but has yet to come to light. Much like the standby feature on Sony’s on PlayStation Vita, users will be able to press the PS button to instantly pick up where they last left off after the update. Sony says this feature works with nearly all PS4 titles.

Another major improvement adds 60 frames per second support to the system’s Remote Play and Share Play features. For games that support that frame rate, this update will add the ability to select between 30 and 60 frames per second rates on for compatible devices.

Sony has added accessibility options in this update to make the PS4 more accessible for gamers with physical challenges. Full button remapping will help users with limited dexterity or strength, and a new set of options for text, colors, and other display factors are aimed at the visually impaired. Text to speech is also to be added.

Other smaller features coming with 2.50 include compatibility for Facebook Friend searching, sub-account to master account upgrading, Trophy improvements, and the ability to share clips to video site Dailymotion.

Sony says that the update is currently beta and that it will work to get the patch right before committing a release date. That announcement should come soon.