Medium has been burning the midnight oil lately, rolling out product updates in rapid succession. Now here’s the latest: a mobile post editor.

Starting today, Medium bloggers can post directly to their page using their smartphone or tablet. The new feature is a part of a larger iOS update, but this is the first time Medium has delved into mobile posting. Here’s what’s in the iOS update:

  • A new reading experience in streams — Read shorter posts right in-line, or tap “Continue Reading.”

  • Search — Always find what you’re looking for from the Medium menu.

  • Profiles — Quick access to your profile and writing.

  • Media in posts — Tweets, videos, and audio now display and play in posts.

  • Stats — Writers, you can now view your stats within the app.

The rollout of a mobile editor is another move towards making its platform more usable. Unlike on other blogging platforms, like Tumblr or Wordpress, Medium writers tend to compose lengthy magazine-style posts. That reputation is intimidating to potential users and can also mean slow production of new content on the site.

In an effort to welcome all kinds of writers and bloggers the platform is trying to make itself more approachable.

Last month, Medium replaced its “channels” with tags giving users more control over how their stories are designated, categorized, and discovered. The company also started letting select publications use their own domain name.