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The whole point of mobile is having your device wherever you are. The ‘wherever’ is what Mike Schneider, VP of Marketing of Skyhook, is fixated on.

Makes total sense since Skyhook is a first-party location network that enables app owners to enhance the user experience by serving up more location-enabled functionality.

Take CardStar, for example, the mobile app that allows users to store loyalty cards digitally on their phones. When the app launched, users loved being able to ditch the bulging plastic in their wallets, but when they arrived at a particular retailer, they had to scroll through all the cards they had stored in the app to find the right one.

By working with Skyhook and implementing Infinite Geofencing, the app now detects the exact retailer when a user arrives at a location and serves up the right card — providing a completely frictionless user experience and increasing the app’s value to users.

“The biggest challenge our customers are facing now is intelligence,” explains Schneider in his video interview with VB. “They want more downloads, more engagement. They want to be able to create revenue streams and the next best feature.”

For Schneider, location and context are the key to much of that — which is why one of his urgent pieces of advice to budding app entrepreneurs is to make sure that location is built into the first user experience.

“If they turn off location services, it’s really hard to get them to turn it back on,” he says. “So you need to build it into your first user experience, tell them keeping location services on will give you these things — and then make sure you pay it off in the best way possible!”

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