Another Vita exclusive is making the jump to consoles.

A listing for Gravity Rush Remaster on the PlayStation 4 has appeared on a South Korean games rating board, as originally spotted on NeoGaf. The open-world game was originally an exclusive for Sony’s Vita handheld in 2012 (and, on a personal note, my favorite game to come out that year).

A PlayStation 4 port makes sense. Sony is already working on a similar remaster for Tearaway, another high-profile Vita exclusive that’s now coming to PlayStation 4. All Sony has to do is figure out how to transfer the Gravity Rush’s touch and tilt controls to the console, which is possible thanks to the Dual Shock 4’s touchpad and motion sensors.

Sony is also working on a sequel to Gravity Rush. A remaster of the original on the PlayStation 4 could help increase awareness for the franchise. At this point, with so few Sony projects dedicated to the Vita, Gravity Rush 2 could skip the portable altogether and debut on the PlayStation 4.