No-one likes a quitter, and players leaving Mortal Kombat X matches will now lose their heads … at least in the game.

Developer NetherRealm Studios has created an innovative “Quitality” system to help combat rage quitting in its upcoming fighting sequel, heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC next month. “If you quit, your head blows up and the other guy wins,” explained the team on its livestream last night, as spotted by IGN.

The system fits neatly with Mortal Kombat’s penchant for gory finishing moves, which helps set it apart from its competitors. It’s also a great way of helping keep players entertained during otherwise annoying quitting incidents.

The Mortal Kombat series is currently enjoying some success in the competitive gaming scene, something that NetherRealm is hoping will continue with Mortal Kombat X. Lead designer John Edwards recently told GamesBeat that the focus on fun in the series is key to this success. The Quitality system is another great example of this focus.

“As much of the design team is made up of fighting game players and fans, we are always trying to support the competitive scene in any way we can,” said Edwards. “Most of our focus is in making a game that is competitive while still being fun to play and fun to watch. That in and of itself is the most important aspect of keeping the competitive audience involved and growing.”