If you like a channel on gaming video platform Twitch, now you can prove it with digital money.

Social-media tipping platform ChangeTip revealed today that it is integrating its technology into Twitch. This means that people who want to show their appreciation for a stream can click a button to instantly transfer funds. And now, for the first time, viewers on Twitch can tip with Bitcoin.

“We are excited to see development work like this come from our community,” said Nick Sullivan, ChangeTip’s CEO. “Our API enables community members to craft the tools they want to see in use. This bot allows fans to connect with their favorite players in a new way.”

In addition to Twitch, ChangeTip also works with Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and GitHub. It uses an open API that enables anyone to build on tools to integrate tipping into a website or app. ChangeTip didn’t even create the Twitch integration — it was done by an independent developer.

But that doesn’t mean the company isn’t supporting its unofficial expansion to one of the biggest video communities on the Web. ChangeTip plans to award a total of $10,000 to select streamers to demonstrate who well its technology works.

This new Twitch feature is just the latest way that popular streamers can make money from the platform. The site has a partners program that shares advertising revenue with people who have a respectable audience. Partners can also offer a subscription service.