Just when you thought nothing in advertising could ever shock you again, along comes this little gem from a Chinese executive.

Jia Yueting, the CEO of Chinese Internet video site Leshi TV, is preparing to launch his company’s first smartphone. And how does one make a big statement about your ambitions? Naturally, you target Apple.

Ok, fair enough. But Yueting’s choice of images goes way out-of-bounds. On his verified social media Weibo page, where he has more than 5 million followers, Yueting posted a teaser image that shows Hitler wearing an Apple armband.

The slogan above, according to the Verge, reads: “CROWDSOURCED, FREEDOM VS ARROGANCE, TYRANNY.”

Here’s the full image:

China TV



The doorway image roughly mirrors the shape of the Android phone the company is preparing to release, which Yueting argues is a more open platform.

Maybe they could call this new phone the “Great Leap Forward,” since you know, mass murder makes for good marketing.