Here’s some big data that explains why Dragon Age: Inquisition took about 100 hours to play, and it probably also explains why it also received Game of the Year at the prestigious Dice Awards this year.

Publisher Electronic Arts and its BioWare label shared this data with us about the game’s breadth, and as you can see, it imposing:

  • More words than the bible.
  • 2,940 dynamic pieces of vegetation in the Arbor Wilds, one of the smallest exploration areas in the game.
  • Just the Hinterlands exploration area is larger than all of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II combined.
  • 21 Combat skill trees.
  • 200 abilities, talents and upgrades.
  • 4 Inquisition perk trees.
  • 160 crafting materials.
  • 150 types of armor.
  • 400 crafting recipes.
  • 30 mounts.
  • 200 weapon and armor schematics.
  • 1 Stronghold (Skyhold).
  • 3 enemy castles to capture.
  • 300 war table missions for¬†your Inquisition agents.
  • 60 face customization settings.
  • ¬†Millions of character combinations.

The world of Dragon Age: Inquisition could be considered small in the not-so-distant future. Both Improbable and Shinra Technologies say they will enable developers to create massive simulations with new breakthroughs in supercomputing and distributed server technology.