The one thing Forza Horizon 2 needed more of was definitely … LUDA!

Early this morning, Microsoft released Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast & Furious for Xbox One. It’s a $10 game that you can get for free through April 10. This small racing experience gives players a tiny taste of the open-world action that made Forza Horizon 2 one of the standout releases of 2014, and it combines that with some flavor from the Fast & Furious universe. If you haven’t played Forza Horizon 2 yet, this version of the game is like a decent demo where rapper Ludacris talks to you while you race around.

Watch us play the first 50 minutes of the game in the video below:

Ludacris and a few cars that you may remember from the films are the extent of the Fast & Furious experience that you’re going to get in this game. It is really just a slapped together marketing promotion for Furious 7, which hits theaters next Friday.

You play yourself, a badass racer, who is offered the opportunity to join the Fast & Furious crew as long as you help Ludacris win a series of cars that his team needs. The only way to do that is for you to participate in various competitions. It’s a thin premise, but that’s something you can say about all the Fast films as well as the Horizon series itself.

But, for a free game, it’s a pretty good time. And I actually enjoy Luda’s commentary better than the standard Forza Horizon 2 announcer.

Even if you wait to pay $10, you’ll probably get more of your money’s worth than if Paramount would’ve made some terrible $60 licensed game. And it’s definitely better than those cheesy Fast & Furious mobile apps where all you do is shift gears and steering and gas doesn’t matter. I’ll take this promotional release over that any day.