Google today announced the first step of its plan to repurpose Google+. The company has brought photos and videos stored in Google+ Photos over to Google Drive.

Google says your content is available “immediately” if it’s new, and your entire library should show up “in a few weeks.” A new Photos menu in Google Drive on Android, iOS, and the web lets you manage your photos and videos alongside all your other files.


As you might expect, photos and videos that you can see in both Google+ and Google Drive only count once towards your storage limit. If you delete photos or videos from Google Drive or Google, they will also be deleted from the other service.

In regards to the change, Google explains that “your experience across Google should be seamless and consistent.” The announcement stops short of saying this is part of a broader effort by Google’s Bradley Horowitz to break out Google+ Photos and Google+ Streams.

Yet that’s exactly what Google has up its sleeve. The company is planning a renewed focus on photos (with videos coming along for the ride), with the goal of separating Google+ Photos into its own product.

That’s important context given that today’s news could imply Google Drive is taking over photos and videos. The company says Google+ Photos isn’t going away, and will still let you store, edit, and share your pictures. If, however, you want a way to ditch Google+ without losing all your photos and videos, Google Drive now lets you organize all your files in one place.