First we took L.A., which doesn’t sound quite as significant as taking Manhattan. (And in fact, we didn’t even really take it … we just visited. And spoke.) Then we drove up the I-5 to Seattle (we didn’t actually drive), and we finally popped up into Canada, just a little farther north, in Vancouver.

Now it’s Toronto’s turn. And Montreal.

torontoI’m talking about the VB Mobile Roadshow, which lands in Toronto tomorrow and Montreal on Thursday.

The TL;DR version is this:

  • We’ve started doing research at VB (real, hardcore, significant research).
  • About 1,500 mobile developers with over a billion monthly active users (MAU) have told us what works and what doesn’t in four key areas of mobile.
  • We’re coming to tell you what we learned.

We’ll hit two topics in depth: mobile user acquisition and mobile monetization. Along the way, we’ll throw in a few of the juiced bits of our mobile app analytics and mobile marketing automation studies. It’ll be a busy 45 minutes, and we guarantee insights — or your money back.

(Except, of course, you don’t have to pay anything. The VB Mobile Roadshow is entirely free thanks to a sponsor.)

Before we talk, we’ll eat and drink. And after we talk, we’ll also eat and drink.

A few spots are still available. Now would be a really good time to grab one of them (in Toronto and Montreal).