Yesterday Sprinklr announced it raised $46 million in series E funding and a partnership with SAP hybris. Today the company is sharing additional details about the partnership, which integrates social context with commerce.

The net result is that customers will be able to deliver personalized messages or offers within or alongside social content. With Sprinklr’s acquisitions of Branderati and Pluck, customers can embed social components like ratings, reviews, social login, and gamification on their websites.

In conjunction with SAP hybris, customers will also be able to show the most relevant content—from their product catalog, for example—based on what is known about those prospects or customers as part of those social experiences.

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If the visitors are anonymous, SAP hybris has the capability to show contextual messages based on pattern matching to lookalike visitors based on criteria like traffic links and inbound patters. Once visitors become known in some way, like via social login, it becomes possible to provide much more personalized content or service based on historical interactions or purchases.

How does this work?

Let’s say a person begins to leave a two-star review, saying a product is not good. It’s now possible to show a product other similar audiences were much more satisfied with and tell them that. Or let’s say somebody leaves 5-star review. To take advantage of that moment, brands can take the person into advocacy workflow and ask them to share their satisfaction.

The partnership makes a lot of sense.

Sprinklr is clearly gunning for the marketing clouds now, and part of the announcement yesterday was the launching of a new “Experience Cloud.” Meanwhile, SAP has a variety of enterprise technologies that compete with other marketing cloud vendors, but lacks social media capabilities. And the company ranked tenth in the recent VB report on marketing clouds, behind traditional competitors such as Oracle, but also behind young upstarts such as Sailthru and AgileOne.

In response to questions about moving beyond social media, Sprinklr CEO Ragy Thomas said, “Now we’re going to commerce and then we’re definitely going beyond to other channels.”

Sprinklr and SAP said that the offering is currently being implemented by a “handful of notable brands,” although none were disclosed.