Who needs candy when you can have Cracker Jacks? Well, at least for a day.

MLB.com At Bat, an app that gives baseball fans live scores and radio broadcasts of games, managed to out-gross the insanely popular puzzle game Candy Crush Saga on iPhone yesterday, April 5, according to App Annie. MLB At Bat was No. 3 on the list, and Candy Crush Saga was No. 4.

However, the victory is short-lived. The boost in MLB.com At Bat’s popularity came thanks to most teams having their first game yesterday. MLB.com At Bat operates on a subscription, so many users bought the right to use the app ($20 for the season or $3 a month) yesterday. However, now that they’ve paid, many won’t need to do so again until next year, while Candy Crush Sage encourages players to constantly buy an in-game currency that helps them win.

Today, Candy Crush Saga remains at No. 4, but MLB.com At Bat is at No. 5. It’ll likely to continue to drop from there.